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Find out how to become a Host Parent

Becoming a Host Home parent or family and providing a supportive home for a special needs adult can be a very rewarding experience. Our most successful host families lovingly integrate the individual into their home and family life. They eat meals together, attend religious services together, adapt family chores and work together, and all of the other things a family would typically do. At the same time the host family is providing opportunities for the individual to gain independence, develop physical skills, and grow physically and emotionally.

As you consider becoming a Host Home parent, you might ask yourself:

  • Can I dedicate the time and effort needed to care for a special needs individual? These individuals have a wide range of needs from being medically fragile to intellectual disabilities.
  • Is my schedule flexible enough that I can stay home if the individual is sick, or take time away to go to the doctor with him or her?
  • Can I integrate this person into our family and our daily activities?

Hosting a special needs adult can be rewarding emotionally, but it can also benefit your family financially. Individuals who are placed with a host family pay room and board either with cash or a government subsidy.  In addition, our host families are paid a daily rate to care for the individual that typically amounts to between $3000 and $4000 per month.  This money is called “Difficulty of Care” money and is not taxable and not reported as income.  The rate can vary depending on the needs of the individual.  Some of our clients are medically fragile, while others have intellectual disabilities. 

 When you’re ready to become a host parent/family, our Host Home staff will certify your home.  This consists of ensuring that the physical surroundings are safe, there is a bedroom that is dedicated to the individual, and the needs of the individual can be met in your home. 

Hosting a special needs adult is not easy and this is not an easy decision, but the effort can be rewarding in multiple ways.  Live Empowered is here to help you through the process of becoming a host family.  If you would like to begin the process, or just ask more questions, contact: 

Connor Mendez
Host Home Director
Live Empowered
(385) 497-9672