Getting Started

Building Skillsets

Getting Started

When your loved one enrolls in our day program, a member of the Dream Builder team at Live Empowered will do an intake meeting with you and your childHere we begin to find out his or her likes and dislikes, medical needs, abilities and desiresWe can also start to plan how to best support your child and his or her Dreams, Needs and Abilities. The next step toward supporting your loved one’s DNA is to meet with you, your child and his or her Support Coordinator to develop your child’s PersonCentered Service Plan (PCSP)In this meeting, Live Empowered staff will work with you, your child and your Support Coordinator to develop specific goals for your child.   

These goals will form the foundation for the individual activities your loved one works on.  Some of those activities take place in our facility, the Brymont Center and are focused on skill development or social interactionOther activities will take place in the community. 

Your child’s goals and individual desires form the basis of his or her individual DNA.  Staff members help design activities that lead towered fulfilling Dreams, Needs and Abilities.  Those activities are based on your child’s PCSP goals and change as your child sees personal growth and development. 


If you need more information about this initial process, contact our Day Program Director. 


Stephanie Hyde 

Day Program Director 

(801) 756-7917 

(385) 329-0870 (cell) 

Are you looking for a nurturing environment where your loved one can thrive and reach their full potential? Look no further than Live Empowered. Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive support for individuals with special needs, including job training, social opportunities, and personal growth experiences.